Photo Gallery – Champlain Discovery 2018

It is amazing the knowledge and growth shown in such a short amount of time. He has been home for 2 days now and although only 11 days away from home I swear he has matured by years.

K. Mom.

Our son came to us 5 weeks ago, looking pale, bored, and glued to his headphones. Any question was answered with a shrug of the shoulders and a grunt like: “I don’t know”. This morning at 7 we were greeted by a sun-tanned smiling, fully awake, full of stories boy who exclaimed: “This is a wonderful camp!” He ran outside to take a picture of his kayak, now securely attached on top of the mini-van. My husband and I got big hugs and thank you’s for the opportunity we gave him. Our hearts brim over (and my eyes!) for the change in his life that you made possible. 

J & E. Parents.

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